Assignments that teach Classes

As opposed to the topic of Objects covered previously in the corpus, the topic of Classes concerns assignments that focus on showing students how to create their own class. Most of the assignments in this section cover the basics of classes: state, constructors, and public/private methods. Advanced topics like inheritance, interfaces, and polymorphism are covered later.

Creating simple classes for the Finch is really about creating a set of coherently themed methods for Finch. As with methods, classes for the Finch typically focus on either evaluating data, creating output, or encapsulating behaviors.  For example, one could make a class dedicated to having the Finch drive along certain shapes, or one which has the Finch mimic other birds.  Similarly, we could create classes that interpret data in more sophisticated ways; perhaps a class that analyzes Finch sensor inputs over time and does statistics on those inputs.  

In addition to these Finch-centered classes, many assignments may simply use the Finch as an input or output device to add interactivity to a program.