About the Egg Program

Finch Eggs

The Finch eggs program is designed to recognize activity that makes the Finch site more valuable to everyone.  We provide a dozen eggs for signing up, a dozen more for every assignment contributed, an egg for every comment or forum post, and yet more eggs for referring new users.  Your eggs can be used to receive discounts on future Finch purchases as well as to receive free Finch paraphernalia.

Golden Eggs

If you tell someone about the Finch and they purchase a Finch, you can receive golden eggs.  To do so, just make sure they input your finchrobot.com user name into the order form as they place their order.  The referral field is located just below the shipping method selection.  Two dozen golden eggs can be redeemed either for a free Finch robot, or for a $50 Amazon gift certificate.