About Us

The Finch is BirdBrain Technologies LLC's inaugural product.  BirdBrain was founded in 2010 by Tom Lauwers. Prior to starting BirdBrain, Tom was a doctoral student in the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute's CREATE lab. His Ph.D describes a design process for how to align the features and capabilities of robots and other electronics to specific educational contexts.

It is the goal of BirdBrain Technologies LLC, to take research in educational tools and make that research useful to the educational community. Usefulness requires several things: A reliable source for the hardware tool and accompanying software, detailed technical documentation, and example curricula. For each product released through BirdBrain Technologies, we create documentation, curricular materials, community-oriented websites, and detailed tutorials.  Our aim is to create products with a low barrier to entry, so that parents, teachers, and students can focus their time on using our products in creative and fun ways.