The Finch was designed to be easily inserted into existing introductory computer science curricula.  We have collected a large corpus of potential assignments and activities to allow educators to get up and running with the Finch quickly.  We also recommend that those currently using the Finch share their own assignments, and provide incentives for doing so.  

We have organized assignments and activities based on the concept being illustrated.  To see assignments relating to a concept, simply select it in the left sidebar.  You will see an explanation of how the Finch can be used to highlight that concept, followed by a list of current assignments targeting the concept.  We also invite assignment contributors to tag their assignments with keywords that describe their assignment in more detail; you can see assignments tagged by a certain word by clicking on that tag in the tag cloud on the right sidebar.
If you think of any concepts that are lacking from the list, please contact us to let us know. We are constantly working to expand this corpus, both in quantity and quality.