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Objective: Using the if-else and looping.

Using the temperature sensor, place ones finger, or wrist on the thermo resistor. Determine if your temperature is normal (approx 78 deg). The temperature is read in Celsius and you must convert it. Based on the reading, change the Finches light color to reflect a person’s temperature. Keep in mind, the temperature sensor is accurate to within 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Go the Finch web site and look up in the API for Finch how record a temperature reading.
Cons: Might be hard to test if everyone has normal temperature, consider using ice cube and something hot to test with


Nice little starter project for block creation with return vals

Thanks for this. I'm using it as a small start project as an introduction, teaching students to the create blocks that return a value in Snap! It works beautifully, particularly if room temp is far enough below skin temp to be a "too cold" case. By the way, cupping your hand over the thermo resistor and exhaling into it easily produces a "too hot" case.