Nascar Finch

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Objective: Using the Java Calendar class and Finch isTapped() method.

The program will count the number of times the Finch was tapped in a one minute window. Use the number of taps to set the wheel velocity, more taps means greater velocity. In order for two or more Finches to begin the race at the same time we can prompt the user with READY, SET, GO and have each player press the enter key at the same time.

Put this under Finch Init: boolean[] sense = new boolean[2];
Finch Sense: sense = myFinch.getObstacleSensors();
Init Calendar Calendar now = Calendar.getInstance();
End Milliseconds endMill = now.getTimeInMillis() + 10000;
While Loop to Use: while(now.getTimeInMillis() < endMill) {