Finch Pong I

In this project, you will use the Finch as a game controller! You will create a version of Pong. A ball will fall from the top of the screen, and you will try to catch it with a sprite that you control with the Finch.

To start, you will need two sprites, a ball and a paddle (or a basket, if you prefer). The sprites shown are from Scratch, but you can draw these sprites in Snap!.

Through the Maze I

Start by setting up a simple maze (unless your teacher has already set up a maze). You can use cardboard boxes or other objects to set up the walls of the maze. This Finch is navigating a maze at Patrick F. Taylor Sci & Tech Academy in Avondale, LA (photo by Elizabeth Kahn, Library Media Specialist)!

Finch Dance Party

This activity was based on a challenge created by Tom Simpson at Heathwood Hall Episcopal School.

This project is a chance for you to exercise your creativity! First, choose a piece of music that is at least 20 seconds long (you can use part of a longer piece). Then, use your imagination as you make your Finch dance to the music! Use short moves and turns that match the rhythm of the music. Change the beak color on beat as well. You can even use the Finch’s buzzer to add to your musical selection!

Finch Tag/Soccer

This activity was created by the students and faculty at Mount Hebron Middle School.

You are going work as a team to build a robot controller. That means you are going to use keys on the keyboard to control the basic robot actions. This is different from creating an autonomous robot that can act intelligently. After you write your program, you will use the Finch to play tag!

First, you need to program your Finch. Be sure to take turns so that everyone on your team gets a chance to program! To play tag, your robot must be able to do the following:


You can use the indentation in the Finch’s tail to attach a marker with tape or velcro. Then you can make the Finch draw shapes!

Loops can be used to create a lot of interesting shapes. Start by trying out the program below, then modify it to create your own design!