Finch Pen

In this activity, you will use the Finch to draw on the computer screen!

Start by writing a program that uses the Finch accelerometer to move a sprite on the screen. The x and y positions of the sprite should be controlled by two different acceleration values. You may need to use math operator blocks to scale the acceleration values.

Finch Dance Party

This activity was based on a challenge created by Tom Simpson at Heathwood Hall Episcopal School.

This project is a chance for you to exercise your creativity! First, choose a piece of music that is at least 20 seconds long (you can use part of a longer piece). Then, use your imagination as you make your Finch dance to the music! Use short moves and turns that match the rhythm of the music. Change the beak color on beat as well. You can even use the Finch’s buzzer to add to your musical selection!


You can use the indentation in the Finch’s tail to attach a marker with tape or velcro. Then you can make the Finch draw shapes!

Loops can be used to create a lot of interesting shapes. Start by trying out the program below, then modify it to create your own design!