Finch as Game Controller

In this assignment, you will create your own game with a GUI. The Finch will be the game controller. Start by writing a program that moves a cursor on the screen based on the Finch accelerometer. For instance, you might make the cursor move to the left as the user tilts the Finch so that the left wing is down. To do this, your program will have at least two parts (which you may want to implement as classes). One will communicate with the Finch and use the accelerometer to determine the current position of the cursor on the screen.

Finch Slider Control

Create a GUI with sliders that can be used to control the wheels and beak of the Finch. An example is shown below. You will need to create a window with five sliders. When a slider is dragged along its track, the Finch responds by moving its wheels or changing its beak color.