Finch Security

Use the Finch as a security system! Place the Finch in front of a door. As long as the door is closed, the beak should blink red. When the door opens (obstacle gone), then the Finch should go crazy with light, sounds, and movements.

This assignment was submitted by Pam Volakis of West Allegheny High School.

The Beegide Finch

The Beegide Finch is a species of bird native to the land of Nehvurtuebriet. The Beegide is very sensitive to light and doesn’t like it when people move it from its natural habitat. Unfortunately, they are temperamental and get angry very fast when lighting conditions are not just right. Your job is to write code for your Finch that will allow it to better communicate with you. You will need to get it to tell you if the light is too dark, too bright, or acceptable.

Indiana Finch

Indiana Finch is trapped in the Nest of Doom! He can’t find his way out of the maze and needs your help. Use the Finch methods to help Indiana Finch out of the maze!

Level 1: Turn the Finch's wheels on and off to move it through the maze. You do not need to use the Finch's sensors.

Level 2: Use the Finch's sensors to move through the maze. Rather than moving forward for a specific period of time, the Finch should move forward until the sensors detect some feature in the maze, such as a wall.

Song Player

Teach your Finch to sing by writing a class that converts notes to tones to play.  The class should play a song represented by a string. The string should be composed of notes – acceptable characters are A, a, B, b, C, c, D, d, E, e, F, f, G, and g.  You will need to use the Finch’s buzzer to generate the correct musical note for each letter. Be sure to implement appropriate error checking! How will you ensure that the user enters a valid song?

Finch Timer


Turn your Finch into an timer. Allow the user to input a number of seconds. When that time is up, the Finch should do whatever is necessary to get the user's attention. The Finch should continue to act until the user shakes the Finch with an acceleration that has a magnitude greater than 2g. Remember that the acceleration is each direction is between -1.5g and 1.5g.

Hill Climber

Turn the Finch into a mountain climber by writing a program that make the Finch seek the highest grade and drive in that direction. Write a program that does the following:

  • Checks the orientation of the Finch.
  • Turns the Finch so that it can drive uphill.
  • Makes the Finch drive uphill.

It is fine for the Finch to drive backward up the hill, if it determines that is easier!

Confused Wanderings

Program your Finch to wander around a room. When it encounters an obstacle, it should back up and turn away from it randomly for two seconds – you can do this by generating two negative random values for the left and right wheel velocities. The Finch’s beak should glow green when it is moving around. The beak should change to red when the Finch sees an obstacle and is moving away from it. Since Finches are diminutive and polite creatures, it should also apologize (or beep apologetically) for nearly running into an obstacle when it sees one.