Installing the Environment and Running an Example

1. If you haven't, download and install Processing.

2. Download the Finch Processing package for your OS.

3. Launch and then close Processing once - this is necessary for Processing to set up a folder in your documents folder.

4. The Finch download is a Processing library, so follow the instructions for installing a Processing library.

5. Launch Processing. If you've correctly installed the library, you can find three Finch example programs by going to File->Sketchbook->libraries->finch->examples. 

Tips for creating your own programs:

  • All Finch programs require the following import statement: import edu.cmu.ri.createlab.terk.robot.finch.*; Do not use Processing's "import library" menu option. 
  • You should instantiate a Finch object globally (not in any of the methods), so that you can use it in the different methods.
  • In addition to Processing's standard setup and draw methods, you should add a stop method. This is a standard method Processing calls. The code in stop is executed if you close the window or hit the stop button. In this method, call the Finch's quit() method (all three examples have a stop method).