Scratch Project 3: Finch Dance

Description: Make the Finch dance by using movement, LED, and wait blocks.

Programming Concepts: Controlling Finch outputs, timing blocks

Difficulty: Beginner

Approx. Time: 10 Minutes

Programming steps

We are going to make the Finch perform a series of movements while changing the beak color. You can use any movements or colors you want, so feel free to change what we have here.

1. Start your program with a "When space key pressed" block.

2. Add a "Finch LED" block and make the beak some color. We chose red.

3. Connect a "Move Finch" block to tell the Finch to move in some direction. In our example, it goes straight.

4. To give the Finch time to move before we go on to the next set of actions, add a "Wait 1 secs" block to the stack.

5. Duplicate the code by right-clicking the "Finch LED" block and selecting "duplicate".

6. Duplicate the code 5-10 times until you have a long stack of blocks.

7. Adjust the numbers on the blocks to make the Finch move in different directions and appear to dance.

8. Finally, stop the motors and turn off the LED when the dance is done.

9. Run the program and the Finch should dance! Adjust the colors and movements until you get a sequence you like.

Example file