Visual Basic

1. Download and unzip the Finch VB package.

2. Open Visual Studio. Go to File->Open->Project Solution, and open the FinchHid.sln

3. There are four example programs in the solution which you can run, they are:

SimpleCommandLineControl - A console-only application that allows you to get sensor data and set the motors, LED, and buzzer.

FinchControlPanel - A control panel that lets you visualize the sensor data and also set the motors, LED, and buzzer.

FinchCommunicator - A very low level application for communicating with the Finch. It may be necessary to read the Finch's USB protocol to understand how to interpret the returned data.

WSADFinch - A simple program that lets you use the W,S,A, and D keys to drive Finch.

To choose which program to run, go to Project->Finch HID Properties.. and change the StartUp Object to the appropriate program. Note that for SimpleCommnadLineControl, you should also change "Application Type" to Console Application.