Finch Dreams (based on Alice) Available!

We're proud to unveil Finch Dreams, a graphical drag and drop programming environment for Finch based on Alice 2.2. Like Alice 2.2, you can use Finch Dreams to create animated worlds with a large array of characters. But, you can also create programs that use the Finch's sensors and outputs to make games and stories that have a physical, robotic component. Read more about Finch Dreams at:

Thanks to Saad Farooq for doing the bulk of the development work, as well as for testing the software with middle school students, and to the Alice team for being supportive of our foray into the Alice codebase!


Finch Dreams Install Video

I created a video on how to install Finch Dreams to a USB drive and posted it to YouTube several months ago-

Thanks! I also posted it as a

Thanks! I also posted it as a comment to the tutorial page.