News with the Finch

The Finch can help you interact with today's news! Write a program that does the following:
  • Creates a NewsReader object for an RSS news feed (don't forget to import the correct RSS reader!).
  • Asks the user for a word or phrase.
  • Searches the RSS feed for the word or phrase.
  • Uses the Finch to tell the user whether or not any articles were found.
  • If articles were found, the Finch should say how many articles and their names.
  • Feel free to add lights and movement as well!
  • Take a look at the javadoc for the RSSReaders, specifically the newsreader. Note that it is constructed with a string that contains a url. One possible url is
  • Add a sleep of a few seconds each time the Finch says something.  If your program calls saySomething() and then immediately calls quit(), you will only hear a fraction of a second of speech. Use sleep() to give your Finch time to say whatever it needs to say.
  • Your computer must be on the internet for this program to work.