Gridworld and the Happy Finch

Gridworld offers a delightfully rich set of possibilities for using the Finch. Here's a few suggestions!

Modify an existing class to echo its actions on the Finch:

  • When the ChameleonCritter or BlusterCritter changes color, set the Finch's LED to match.
  • BoxBug, Z-Bug, and friends: Add to move() and turn() to make the Finch mimic the Bug's motion. Attach a pencil or marker to the Finch and watch it trace the Bug's path.
    Note: The Finch turns more accurately at low speeds.
  • A Finch can do a lot that an Actor can't - make your Actors buzz, talk, or play music depending on their position on the Grid or the Actors around them.

Use the Finch's sensors to guide Actor behavior:

  • Brighten/Darken in response to the light or temperature sensors.
  • Drop a rock and turn if an obstacle is detected.
  • Steer an Actor with the accelerometer.
  • Move in the direction of the accelerometer, as if in response to gravity.