Linux-Only Configuration Instructions

1. Find greenfoot.defs (probably in /usr/share/greenfoot) and change the following line from:



bluej.vm.args=-Xincgc -Djava.library.path=.

2. Launch Greenfoot with sudo, or follow these instructions to make it so regular users can access the Finch (credit: Meg Richards).

Opening the Greenfoot Project

1.  Download one of Greenfoot's Finch packages and unzip it to a convenient directory.

2.  Double click on the project.greenfoot file to open it in Greenfoot.

3. Note that you will need Greenfoot v2.01 or higher for the Finch to work.

Running an Example

1.  Hit the Run button, ensure your Finch is plugged in.

Creating a New File

1.  Right-click on one of the actor classes to create a new object that will act in the world.  Select "New subclass..." and give the subclass an image and name.