Get the C# package for Mono/Visual Studio here.


Unlike most other languages we currently support, our C# library was written from the ground up and so has a different feature set from the Finch Java library. Functions currently available in the C# library are covered in the FinchCSharpAPIDocumentation.pdf help file included in the C# download.

New to C# development? Check out our instructions for setting up the Finch C# project for your OS. 

Important Files and Folders

FinchCSharpAPIDocumentation.pdf - Documents the Finch API for C#. 

FinchAPI.sln  - The Mono/Visual studio solution file - double click to open the project.

Program.cs - A simple example file demonstrating some Finch functionality. 

FinchAPI.cs - C# Source Code file for the Finch API.

HidSharp.dll - Library file required to use the Finch API. In the provided project file for the FinchAPI it has already been linked to the API.

Example Programs

FinchAPITester/Program.cs - An example program that prints the average light sensor value and plays a note corresponding to this value (higher note = brighter) until the Finch is positioned with its beak downward

ObstacleAvoider/Program.cs - An example program that has the Finch attempt to drive around and avoid obstacles

Tones/Program.cs - An example program that plays a one octave diatomic scale starting at A4 (440 Hz) and ending at A5 (880 Hz)

License.txt - Licensing information for the Finch C# package.

Version Information

Version 2.00 of the Finch C# package is now available and has been successfully tested on Windows 7/8 64-bit, Mac OSX 10.9, and Linux Ubuntu 13.

Revision history:

Version 2.00 (7/24/2014) - Rewrote for Mono compatibility, allowing package to work cross-platform.

Version 1.01 (3/22/2013) - Fixed minor bug where reading obstacles before any other read would hang.

Version 1.0 (10/4/2012) - First release.