We initially designed the Finch to work in courses in which Java was the predominant programming language.  In addition to fully supporting the Finch, the Java software package uses a number of third-party libraries to tap into the native functionality of the computer - these include speech synthesis, using video data from attached webcams, grabbing information from the internet, and playing audio files on the computer's speakers.  Together with the Finch's rich set of sensors and outputs, these libraries allow students to build truly interactive programs.


Visit the Downloads page to choose the Finch package appropriate to your IDE and OS.


Javadocs are available online and are also included with every download of the Finch Java software package.  The docs cover the methods used to control the Finch, read Finch sensor data, read data from RSS feeds, grab image data from webcams, and control computer speakers.  

We also provide tutorials of how to compile, create, and run programs for the Finch in several different IDEs.  

IDE & OS Support

The Finch works in any Java IDE and on Windows XP, Vista, and 7, as well as Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6 and most versions of Linux. 

Example files

The software package includes a number of example files demonstrating how the Finch can be used to demonstrate CS concepts like looping, variables, etc.  The examples range from very simple to quite complex, and many were written by students.  We suggest that you run several of these examples to get an idea for the types of programs that can be written using a Finch.

Structure of the Software Package

The software package folder has three top-level folders:

SourceFiles - Location of the finch.jar library, examples (in the "Code" subfolder), and libraries for webcam support

Javadocs - Location of the documentation

Licenses - Licensing information for the download and for third-party libraries

In the case of IDE-specific downloads, additional folders may exist containing data for the IDE project files.  

Known Issues

LTI-Civil, the third-party library used to grab image data from webcams, does not work in a 64-bit OS.  

The Finch is not compatible with Java 5 or earlier versions of Java.