NOTE: Birdbrain Technologies is no longer able to support LabView for the Finch.

National Instruments LabVIEW is a graphical, blocks-based programming environment used by engineers, scientists, and students. Thanks to the efforts of educators at Penn State Behrend, Finch now supports LabVIEW in Windows.


Software Package Windows Mac OSX Linux
FinchLabVIEW Download N/A N/A

Package Files

Finch Interface.pdf - Documentation file describing each Finch block's functions and how to use them in a LabVIEW program.

* - LabVIEW-defined blocks encapsulating the various Finch functions. - Example vi (program) demonstrating use of the sub_vi blocks. This particular program provides user controls for the Finch's motors, LEDs, and buzzer and displays all Finch sensor data.

FinchLib.dll/hidapi.dll - Library files used by the VI's to access Finch through calls to the Windows USB HID API.

License.txt - Licensing information (standard MIT license)

Version Information

Initial Release - 11/12/2012, tested on Windows 7 64-bit with Labview 12.

All vis are compatible with Labview 11, contact us if you work with an older version of Labview.