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Visual Studio 2008/2010/2015 Download N/A N/A


Unlike most other languages we currently support, our Visual Basic library was written from the ground up and so has a different feature set from the Finch Java library. Functions currently available in the VB library are covered in the VB documentation.

After you have downloaded the Finch VB package, follow the instructions for compiling and running programs.

Important Folders

FinchVB - Contains the Finch Visual Basic Visual Studio project and source code.

FinchVB/Code - Holds four example programs that you can use to test out the installation.

FinchVB/Finch - Holds the source of the Finch class as well as associated files to manage USB HID communication.

Documentation - A local copy of the Finch Visual Basic class documentation

Licensing - Licensing information for the Finch Visual Basic package.

Known Issues

  • As the project was created in Visual Studio 2008, when first opened in Visual Studio 2010 a conversion wizard will convert the project to 2010. Please follow the wizard's default steps.
  • Some of the example programs may throw "First Chance Exceptions". These are not errors, but caught exceptions that the programs are handling properly.
  • When using Visual Studio 2015, you will need to choose .NET Framework 2.0 as the Target Framework. You can find this setting under Project/FinchHID Properties. You may need to download and install this targeting pack.

Version Information

Version 1.0 of the Finch Visual Basic package is now available and has been successfully tested on Windows XP 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit in Visual Studio 2008 and 2010. It has also been successfully tested in Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2015.

Revision history:

Version 1.0 (6/26/2011) - First release.


Daragh Egan contributed the Visual Basic Finch library. Thanks Daragh!

The library is based on the generic hid project created and provided by Jan Axelson.