Demonstration Activities

These activities are designed to briefly expose students to the idea of robotics without requiring programming by either the student or the teacher. They are appropriate for beginners in grades K-2. They may also be appropriate for a community event (such as a festival) in which visitors will only spend a limited period of time with the robot.

The files for these demonstrations are Snap! files. To install and use Snap!, check out this tutorial.

Remote Control Robot

Open Snap! with the Finch and import the FinchRemoteControl.xml file. This file is based on a project by Peter Meade. This program will allow users to control the Finch with the keyboard. The keyboard commands are listed below.

Up arrow: Move the robot forward

Down arrow: Move the robot backward

Left arrow: Turn the robot left

Right arrow: Turn the robot right

r: Turn the beak red

g: Turn the beak green

b: Turn the beak blue

Spacebar: Turn off the beak light

0: Play a high buzzing sound

1: Play a low buzzing sound

Programming with Gestures

Open Snap! with the Finch and import the GesturalProgrammer.xml file. This program allows users to program the Finch by simply moving it. Each position of the Finch corresponds to a different movement, as shown below.

Beak up: Move forward

Beak down: Move backward

Level: Stop

Left wing down: Turn left

Right wing down: Turn right

To record a sequence of movements for the Finch, press ‘r’ and then tilt the Finch in different directions. When you are finished, press the spacebar. The Finch’s beak will be red while it is recording.

To play your sequence of movements, place the Finch on the floor and press ‘p.’ The Finch’s beak will be green while it is playing a sequence.