Finch Tales

The Finch Tales Program was created to combine the topics of writing and robotics. The Finch Tales Program Guide Parts 1 and 2 provide an outline for implementing the Finch into the writing curriculum. While these guides were originally created for students in first and second grade and mapped to Common Core ELA standards for these grades, they can be modified for students of all ages. Program Guide Part 1 is designed for working with narrative writing. Program Guide Part 2 is designed for working with informational texts. These guides do not need to be completed in order, and teachers can use whatever parts of the program they feel will best suit the needs of their students.

Included are drawing paper and writing paper for the students to use for planning their stories.

Check out these examples! The video is from Bethlehem Elementary School in Bethlehem, CT, and the pictures are from GEMS Nations Academy in Dubai.

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