Grades K-5

The Finch can be used to teach computational thinking in the context of many programming languages. You just need to choose the language that is right for you! These are the languages that we recommend for students in grades K-5. For information on other languages, see here.

Snap! Levels 1-3

Snap! Levels 1-3

A simple drag-and-drop interface that students can use to control the Finch. Each level provides increasing complexity; beginning programmers can move through these introductory levels before transitioning to the regular Snap! interface (Level 4). Appropriate for beginners in any grade, but particularly important for beginners in grades K-3.

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Snap! Level 4

Snap! Level 4

A more complex drag-and-drop language that students can use to write programs for the Finch. Snap! includes all basic programming concepts, including loops, decision statements, and variables. In addition, Snap! includes support for complex programming concepts such as recursion. Appropriate for beginners in grades 4+ and individuals with experience using Snap! Levels 1-3.

Lessons For Snap! Levels 1-3 → Lessons For Snap! Level 4 →


Similar to Snap!, Scratch is a powerful drag-and-drop programming language. Scratch includes all basic programming concepts, including loops, decision statements, and variables. In addition, Scratch includes good support for sound and simple animations.

Demonstration Activities

Activities designed to briefly expose students to the idea of robotics without requiring programming by either the student or the teacher. Appropriate for beginners in grades K-2. They may also be appropriate for a community event (such as a festival) in which visitors will only spend a limited period of time with the robot.

Scratch Demonstration Activities


The Finch robots are so simple to use and easily span classes. We used the Snap! programming language with classes from 3 year olds to 3rd grade, while 4th grade and up used Scratch. It was literally a "snap" to use the Finches with our 3 and 4 year old classes! Overheard in a 4 year old class: "This is the best day of my life"!

- Martha Brower, Technology Director, Community Baptist Schools, Reidsville, NC

Using the Finch robots this past year was a wonderful opportunity to bring coding and robotics to our younger students. We used them in conjunction with an 8-week coding unit in 2nd-4th grade to teach students the fundamentals of coding, and we plan to use them further in middle school as students move beyond the basics into more complex coding. The Finch robot program was so successful this year that we have made it a fundamental part of our coding and robotics curriculum.

- Elky Langer, Coordinator of Curriculum & Instruction, Hillel Academy, Pittsburgh, PA