The Finch is in use in almost 1000 classrooms. Here's what some educators & students have said about it:

My AP Java students (grades 10 - 12) really enjoyed (and benefited) working with the Finch. As one student stated, "The Finch helped me understand objects and their methods in a way that the textbook never could." Another commented, "I love my Finch."

- Carolyn Stewart, Franklin Regional High School

I have employed the Finch robot for both my CS1 and CS2 classes. The Finch robot allows for more options than the common input/output devices of keyboard, mouse, console window, desktop and files. With the Finch’s many input sensors and audio and visual outputs, a student is more engaged in programming activities. As an instructor, the Finch enables me to keep both the superior and marginal student busy on the same project by offering several levels of complexity with the software. 

- Don Smith, Community College of Allegheny County

To increase enrollment in my high school computer science classes I searched for an innovative way to teach problem-solving, critical thinking and basic programming concepts. The Finch provides a unique method and hands-on approach in teaching programming. Students are engaged and excited to create programs for the Finch. They receive instantaneous and visual feedback of their efforts.

- Pam Volakis, West Allegheny High School

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Finch at Westview

My students had a hard time understanding listeners and this was easily resolved using Finch robot based activities. Different teams were assigned different methods for controlling the Finch; one team used the left and right click buttons to turn the device left or right and the thumb wheel to move forwards or backwards. Another team used keyboard commands while another team used mouse movements to control the robot. We only had a short time with the device and wish we had more. The feedback provided by the device made for an exceptional learning experience.

- P. Gehbauer, Westview Centennial Secondary School