Out of School


Hosting a summer camp with the Finches? Check out our camp materials for Scratch and Snap!. If you'd like your Finch robot camp listed on our camps page send us an email at info@finchrobot.com.

Libraries and Community Centers

The Finch is a great tool for coding clubs and events. Click here for a case study of how the San Jose Public Library used Finches for a series of outreach events.

Some libraries even loan out Finches! The Chicago Public Library has 500 Finches that teachers and individuals can borrow.

Getting Started in Robotics bookJason Ferrell of the Wayne County Public Library even created a book to include with their circulating Finch kits. It contains all the information needed to get started using the Finch with Scratch.


Our high school robotics team gave a presentation to the Mountain Computer Users Group, a club for mainly senior citizens who are interested in technology. We took the Finch and demonstrated. Almost all of the members wanted a turn programming and steering the Finch with the flash light and programming it to draw. One of them said that the Finch made it really easy to understand how different sensors work.

- Jo Ray Van Vliet, Robotics Coach, Towns County High School, Hiawassee, GA

I cannot say enough about how awesome it has been to incorporate the Finch robots into programs here. We have been using them in a variety of ways here at the library to provide a physical interface into the world of code and computer science. They are a regular feature of our drop-in robotics demos & programs, as well as our computer science club last summer, demonstrating concepts from the simple to the complex. And they are really so easy to use for anyone with limited technological or programming experience!

Our kids here are always happy to use them, and they are my go to resources for providing even the youngest children (including my 5 year old who loved using it!) a way in to begin understanding logic and operations. We are so happy with our Finches here, and cannot recommend them highly enough!!

- Doug Baldwin, Emerging Technologies Librarian, Piscataway Public Library,  Piscataway, NJ